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Selection of electric valve actuators

2018-09-27 Hits:854
Valve actuator, also known as electric actuators, fluid control valve actuator industry plays an important role

Valve actuator, also known as electric actuators, fluid control valve actuator industry plays an important role, the valve actuator is a modern industrial automation important part. Jargon called actuators in industrial pipeline valve industry says of the valve actuators in the instrumentation industry called actuators, but now the industry is not very clear distinction, called the unified electric actuators. Valve actuator manufacturers to remind our customers

Industrial control valve in the pipeline is an important equipment, electric valve with development of industrial automation, its power source is easy to obtain, and the advantages of maintenance-free under normal circumstances, compared to pneumatic, hydraulic drive different ways to use more devices universal. In industrial applications of electric valve must have a higher reliability and security, to ensure that when the valve performance and life situation, the electric valve of safety and reliability depends on electric actuators, electric actuators and therefore the performance level of control electric valve machine technology and overall performance. Therefore, when the electric actuator selection except for some basic elements must be considered outside its reasonable technical requirements in order to maximize the value of the electric valve.

Electric actuators are many types of different types and functions of electric actuators can be called after the electric valve and valve support, but often only pay attention to the parameters of the valve does not explicitly ignored or electric actuators in the design, selection of requirements, so that not only the electric valve not play the best performance, but also in the installation, commissioning and use of the process will bring unnecessary trouble, even causing serious consequences for production.

Important performed for actuator selection considerations described valve actuator manufacturer on the current intelligent electric actuators related functions do a brief introduction, it is today and the future development of industrial automation and control required for mainstream products.
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