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Hengchun innovative power electronic DNA mutations

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Yangzhou Hengchun Electronics Co., Ltd. from a small electronics business, the growth of domestic electric actuator leader, led the industry the full realization of localization of key equipment.
Yangzhou Hengchun Electronics Co., Ltd. from a small electronics business, the growth of domestic electric actuator leader, led the industry the full realization of localization of key equipment.
Yangzhou Hengchun Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional research, development and production of intelligent electric valve actuators for high-tech enterprises, Hengchun has sophisticated machining equipment and testing equipment, with a sound and effective quality management system. Products with its easy to operate, stable performance, cost-effective and well received by customers, products, overall performance has reached international advanced level of similar products.
Recently, Yangzhou Hengchun Electronics Co., Ltd. commitment to "supporting large diameter high pressure valve high torque actuators" succeeded in applying scientific and technological achievements into the project. Prior to the EU and CE certification application is approved, Yangzhou Hengchun Electronics and get a passport to enter the European market. Twenty years of trials and hardships, from a IC card telephone started doing business occupies a half of the market, to be diverted to make intelligent electric valve actuators, has become the acknowledged leaders in the manufacturing industry level execution, Yangzhou Hengchun Electronics how can emboldened dare to challenge the world's "boss. "? Chairman Jiang Chengyu said, "innovation has become Hengchun Electronics gene."
Innovation system, from a family workshop to "modern factory"
20 years ago, made a public telephone meter of small factory workshops born, but with strong technology successfully into the Chinese telecommunications market.
But the good, the operator policy changes in the country began large scale IC card telephone, face mutation, Hengchun introduced IC card phones, not only cheaper than the imported half the price, and the functions are more comprehensive. Soon, the market has been recognized, and in cooperation with Huawei, Bell and other well-known large enterprises, the occupation of the country's 26 provinces in the market.
By the year 2000, Yangzhou Hengchun Electronics headquarters moved from fair Hanjiang Economic Development Zone. This year, Hengchun become Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, the only software company.
Market demand constantly updated. Since the emergence of PHS, IC card telephone threats to the upcoming stage of history, Hengchun electrons through market research, but also to look aimed at the intelligent electric valve actuators, this has been the domestic high-end market is still the United Kingdom, the United States and a few other companies monopoly of technology, research and development of electronic communication has over 20 years experience in the production of electronic Hengchun opinion, there is a market, promising to do your job pretty. So after several development Hengchun electronic steadily rising, and increasingly prosperous company, was surprised it was impressive, reason, emotion, said the company helm Jiang Chengyu, innovation system, so that the vitality yard burst.
The enterprise as the cause, the leaders of a final decision Hengchun electronic surprising decision - to replace the family of modern joint-stock management, and allow nearly half of the shares. Annual profits come from a certain percentage, in the form of shares issued to each employee, the staff each year to accumulate its own shares, in addition to get their deserved wages per month, per year-end dividend is also involved in joint-stock companies.
Business is to make money, is able heritage career. In Hengchun Electronics opinion, innovation is not just a property equity incentive system, not simply an increase in salary, but a corporate cohesion, solidarity activation is to stimulate a more productive enterprise, the industry generally We believe that this is a profound change, because the innovation system so that the real work of the people to become business owners.
Innovative brand from the market Mopa create "quality products"
Kind of brand awareness, from a small factory that determined the birth of the day, had seemed to be stronger than anyone. Long-term perspective, not in front, only for that touch brand pursuit.
Over the years, Hengchun electronic adhere to such a standard, product development from design to production process, the quality of a "baton." But companies often encounter such a confusion: the pursuit of quality and the need to increase the cost, but the price is higher than the market price. "We make good use of materials like product, the same product than the quality of the same quality than life, appear before the 'magic fiery' product superiority." Wangde Yun said Hengchun themselves to improve product quality threshold, only five or six years laying the industry brands of position and become Sinopec, PetroChina, CNOOC and China's five major power groups and other major suppliers.
Hengchun Electronics improving quality improvement, customers have been affirmed and recognized, along Hengchun Electronics offered to international standards for upgrading the product. By the company's commitment to "supporting large diameter high pressure valve high torque actuators" succeeded in applying scientific and technological achievements into the project. The CE certification apply to the EU had yet to get through. "Foreign imports" valve control system ', each year China will have to spend 15 million purchase cost is several times not only domestic products, and the high sales costs, long service time, businesses can not afford, can not afford, not afford to repair . "Prior to this, Hengchun electronic" oil and Gas pipeline localization of key equipment, "identified in the assessment in the petroleum, petrochemical and several major research institutes in more than 10 expert groups passed, agreed that" reached the international advanced level, recommendations to promote the use. "this means that the long-term monopoly of foreign products" valve control system, "the situation will be broken, and products into the" West-East "project goal finally achieved, since then, more and more places will spend Hengchun electronic valve control system.
However, behind the success and flowers, that kind of determined fighting spirit of the little-known company for the qualification effort spent is unprecedented. As early as 2011, the company started the SIL certified products, namely functional safety certification. And choose to assume Hengchun certification by one of the world's most authoritative certification body TÜV TÜV. The industry generally believe, even more difficult than SIL CE certification, because SIL certification is a future oil pipeline must have a variety of high-risk industries, emphasizing achieve the stated safety function in case of emergency, product design must be "dual redundant . " "Design was beaten back time and time again, Hengchun electronic still constantly improved design, time and again requested the German side of the next closest." After several years of effort, finally completed most of the work of certification, certification by the end of the all the work.
This year Hengchun electric actuators respectively got the European Union CE certification and ATEX approval, pending SIL safety certification passed, then get into the international Hengchun electronic passport EU, Southeast Asia, the Middle East market, becoming the first and add to "all the way along the" construction workers, the business manager is currently recruiting countries in Southeast Asia.
Looking back, from a small electronics business, the growth of domestic electric actuator leader, led the industry the full realization of localization of key equipment - Hengchun this goal probably quite far away, but I believe we can achieve Hengchun people!
Creative talents, from a single team to achieve "cross combination"
Talent is the core of the success of enterprise, the most critical elements. Over the years, Hengchun electronic uphold this concept, created a wide range of support personnel.
In each installation, construction, maintenance of the site Hengchun electronic products, electronic engineering and technical personnel have Hengchun in the field of data collection, maintenance cases each product must be timely feedback to the company headquarters, the establishment of a database of product quality, technical staff the solution for customers in the first time. Hengchun electronic catch of qualified personnel, improve the quality of perseverance, achieved a failure rate of 8% from 2005 to 2014, 4 ‰ tremendous changes.
Moreover, electronic Hengchun still the only one in the two key parts of the petrochemical and power industries to realize the localization business. In mid-June 2014, the West-East oil and gas pipelines localization of key equipment, electronic and Hengchun 2015 shortlist of domestic enterprises "ultra (ultra) supercritical thermal power units supporting the valve actuator", the follow-up will also be ultra-supercritical power plant completely replace imported key parts, only about half the price of imports, and greatly reduce the cost of domestic power plant maintenance crew, it has signed an order with Jurong Huadian Power plant. Petrochemical and power two different industries, but also to Hengchun electronic talent team building to achieve the realization of a "single team" to "cross-border combinations."
"These achievements are due to the company's human resources strategy strong support." In recent years Hengchun Electronics set up a special technical department, under the software, machinery, electronics, mold, such as modeling four R & D team, division of labor, each perform their duties. In personnel training, the company introduced the experienced personnel, come on, dried the duties. Treatment of others, is an important foundation of qualified personnel, the company adopted a "division with only" echelon personnel training mechanism, qualified personnel formed a "pyramid" type structure. Pay to play leverage each company's head of R & D salaries other administrative manager and a half times, Hengchun electronic 6-storey office building development, from two or three years to enable the two to five year, has been used enough .
The company's R & D team to gather a group of scientific and technological elite, they always aim at the forefront of the international electric actuator technology and domestic and foreign customers with innovative thinking and constantly promote product upgrading. R & D team with Southeast University, Fudan University and other institutions of higher learning to establish a long-term stability: "research" partnership, has developed a CKD Series actuators with independent intellectual property rights, CKDJ rotary actuators, has won state 15 patents, and has three products above the provincial level new product title.
Once a family workshop, Yangzhou Hengchun Electronics Co., Ltd. now grow from a seedling of towering trees, stands tall, leafy, a modern joint-stock national high-tech enterprises, people are electronic Hengchun majestic like Lingyun ambition, momentum awesome, temper forward.
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