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2016 Dream sail work together

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Foot Plough, dragon tiger step has been to the Year of the Monkey, Chinese New Year dance. February 18, 2016
Foot Plough, dragon tiger step has been to the Year of the Monkey, Chinese New Year dance. February 18, 2016, the annual company annual meeting held in Hengchun RESERVED. Hengchun Hengchun Electronics Group, Hengchun actuators company, Yuandajiudian Hengchun, Hengchun source of jade, all employees with company leaders Yutai software, the directors gathered.
   15:00 pm "beginning annual summary commendation cum Chinese New Year 2016 Outlook 2015" conference. First, the various departments of sales, production, finance, technology and other leaders for everyone to make New Year's summary report and outlook, and finally chairman eclectic rostrum launched a spectacular live Q active unprecedented atmosphere to all employees leave a deep impression.
   After the end of each reporting department chairpersons passionately read the 2015 annual outstanding staff, excellent team, the company Games and other elite athletes list. Companies of all employees for the award of outstanding staff presented the most sincere wishes and warmest applause. After the award, chairman of the fund also personally issued a warm, poor staff helping a number of companies, the company sent them warm.

   In the grand and lively dinner scene, Quality Control Department brings full of youthful dance, technology department changed the rigorous style of work, presented a lively comedy skit, sales dancers to a song "Grateful Heart" interpretation All employees voice. . . . . . The atmosphere climax. Raffle interspersed among more exciting, very large quantity of Memorial Award to let everyone enjoy the fruits of the company, along with Liu Dengjiang, fifth prize, four prize, third prize, second prize, first prize extraction is whipping the climax of the annual meeting. Especially the grand prize generated so that the party atmosphere reached an unprecedented climax. Company leaders affection interact with employees, exciting raffle, let the song, applause and cheers from the floor has been rippling.

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